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Software License Protection with a Dongle

Wibu-Systems’s CodeMeter offers you a dongle license protection system to protect your software against pirated copies and ensures that you get paid for every copy of your software that is used.

How does CodeMeter’s License Protection and License Management work?

CodeMeter is a unique license management system which ensures you completely protect your software licenses.

License ProtectionYour products and modules are mapped as license entries into the CodeMeter Stick, then your software runs depending on the license you programmed.

You can decide between:

  • unlimited single users
  • a floating network
  • a time-limited license
  • a modular license

The CodeMeter License Server provides you with a runtime component which automatically manages the licenses on either:

  • a local PC
  • a network involving a single dongle and several applications
  • a single application and several dongles

Additional license protection features:

  • Available or allocated licenses and the borrowing of licenses from a license server are also integrated in the CodeMeter License Server executable.
  • If you require software-based licenses you can define PC characteristics via the CodeMeterAct

(*) Wibu-Systems is the only supplier of software license protection dongles facing up to a Hacker’s Contest. For the fourth time in a row, 2,000 hackers were not successful in cracking the license protection (although the dongle and the matching license was shipped).