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CodeMeter: world's strongest and smallest software protection deviceCodeMeter is the world’s most secure platform for license management and anti-piracy. The patented, driverless CodeMeter technology provides ISVs a full suite of tools for creating and managing licenses for desktop, SaaS, and cloud-based applications. CodeMeter protects both software and websites against piracy, tampering, and reverse engineering with solutions implemented in both hardware and software. ISVs can use software protection for low-risk markets with a hardware solution for high-risk markets, all without any need to modify the source files.

Is it secure? CodeMeter is the only anti-piracy solution that has survived multiple hacker’s contests. Our hardware device, the CmDongle, uses an on-board smart card chip, can have up to 16GB flash memory, holds up to 1000 licenses, and requires no device driver, eliminating much of the support problems with traditional security devices. CodeMeter uses AES and ECC encryption, blocks debuggers and disassembly tools, and prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. Hardware form factors for CodeMeter include a small USB device, PC Card, and other small standard memory card configurations like CF, SD, and µSD.

CodeMeter uses AES and ECC encryption, blocks debuggers and disassembly tools, and prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. Hardware form factors for CodeMeter include a small USB device, PC Card, and other small standard memory card configurations like CF, SD, and µSD.

CodeMeter is available in a variety of form factors including USB, SD, MicrosSD, Compact Flash, PC Card, ASIC, and more.

Other dongles have to be pre-loaded with licenses; CodeMeter lets you remotely program all your license transactions.

Unlike other hardware security devices (often called dongles), CmDongles contain a SmartCard chip including secure memory with a minimum of 384KB including more than 60 kByte available for storing your licenses and license data. User-addressable memory configurations of 1, 2, 4, and 16GB are available with larger configurations by special order.

Don’t want a hardware solution? CodeMeter CmAct provides the same technologies in a software-only solution, where the license is bound the specific characteristics of a particular PC.

With CodeMeter’s License Central license management component, ISVs can choose multiple ways to create trial versions of their product, as well as easily create innovative pricing schemes based on pay-per-function, pay-per-use, subscription, and more. And License Central works for SaaS websites, client applications, and cloud-based deployments as well.

Finally, CodeMeter is the only high-security solution that is available on all major platforms, including Windows (including Server, Win7, Windows Mobile, and WindowsPE), Mac, Linux, Solaris, and VxWorks.

CodeMeter Advantages

  • Patented driverless design: no device drivers on any OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. CodeMeter’s patented design looks like a flash drive to the operating system. No drivers mean fewer end user issues.
  • Field-updatable: Unlike other hardware keys, CmDongles do not need to be pre-programmed. You can initially program them as well as update all license and product info – even update the firmware – remotely via file exchange or through XML/SOAP web services.
  • More memory: even the standard CmDongle has 384KB of usable memory; up to 16GB on flash memory models.
  • Most form factor choices: From ASIC chip to PCMCIA, and everything in between, CodeMeter offers you a hardware solution that fits your requirements. New in 2011: the CmStick/C (pictured top): the smallest USB-based anti-piracy solution in the world, and the CmStick/T with a battery to power the real time clock
  • All keys are network keys: any CmDongle can make licenses available over the network.
  • SmartCard chip: all CmDongles are based on a secure SmartCard chip, which is almost impossible to crack through physical attacks like electron microscopy or differential power analysis.
  • More license choices: whether it’s time based, maintenance period, pay-per-use or pay-per-function, CodeMeter gives you the license you need for your business model. Choose hardware keys for risky markets; software keys for more trusted customers with no changes to source code.
  • SmartBinding™: False negatives are a major concern for ISVs adopting software activations based on machine binding. CodeMeter's new SmartBind feature removes the worry that your customers will need to constantly re-activate their licenses for no reason.
  • Completely customizable: Want a special color showing off your brand, a special design, laser engraving with your logo and product name? No problem. We’re happy to handle special requests, even in low volumes. We can even pre-program your keys if you want before we ship them to you.
  • More platform choices: Windows. MacOS. Linux. Solaris. VxWorks. We support more platforms than anyone else. Period.
  • German engineering with US support: we’ll never send your support calls to an off-shore call center. They’re handled right here, in the suburbs of Seattle, WA.
  • Same day shipping: we stock all standard products here in our Edmonds, WA, distribution center. Normally we can ship the same day we get an order.
  • Limited lifetime guarantee: we guarantee CmDongles against failure for life, barring any physical damage.
  • End user support: If your users call us with a CodeMeter question, we’ll answer it for them. The only thing we can’t do is replace a license: only you are able to create licenses for your protected applications.
  • We put our money where our mouth is: we’re the only player in this space who isn’t afraid to invite people to crack their product. We’ve had multiple contests inviting crackers, academicians, and customers to try to break our protection – we even offered a lot of cash if they could. No one has. No one else can make this statement.
  • No performance penalty: Our CodeMeter encryption/decryption system is used for real-time applications like audio and video editing and playback. System overhead is negligible.


CodeMeter deploys state-of-the-art encryption technologies for the maximum protection against illegal copies. The encryption keys are stored securely in the CodeMeter hardware.

  • Symmetric encryption: AES (Advanced Encryption Algorithm) with 128 bit key.
  • Asymmetric encryption and signatures: ECC (Elliptic Curves Cryptography) with 224 bit key.

The encryption keys are stored securely in the CodeMeter hardware; to increase the level of security you can additionally change these keys during runtime via an Encryption Code.

In addition, the hardware is protected against all known analysis methods (e.g. electron microscope, DPA, etc).

The keys can be generated via a random number generator within the hardware as well, so they never leave the security of the CodeMeter hardware.

You will receive a unique master key (FSB, or Firm Security Box) for programming licenses into the CodeMeter hardware. With your FSB only you can program and update your licenses.

License models

Every conceivable license model, even complex ones, can be built with CodeMeter.

  • Single user license
  • Concurrent Use / Floating Licenses within a network system
  • Evaluation licenses (number of starts)
  • Subscriptions, renting or leasing (time-limited use)
  • Maintenance periods
  • Pay-Per-Use (accounting per executed action)
  • Modular licenses (activation of additional functions or “pay per feature”)
  • Licenses for maintenance contracts
  • Borrowed and overflow licenses.

Of course combinations of these options are also possible. Demo versions or Try-Before-You-Buy licenses can be modulated for example with limited functions, expiration dates, number of starts and the use of time.

Options in CodeMeter

A license entry in the CodeMeter hardware is characterized by a Firm Code and a Product Code. Your FSB specifically determines your unique Firm Code. And you can freely choose the Product Code (e.g. different for each product).

Each license entry has the following options that can be combined:

  • Text (description text of an entry)
  • Unit Counter (number of runs or time limit in units)
  • Activation Time (the license is valid from)
  • Expiration Time (the license is valid until)
  • Feature Map (up to 32 modules can be programmed in one Feature Map)
  • Network Counter (Concurrent Use / Floating Licenses within one network)
  • Protected Data (additional entry of 255 Byte, e.g. the name of the licensee)
  • Extended Protected Data (as Protected Data, but with 128 x 255 Byte)
  • Hidden Data (only readable with password; useful for encryption)
  • Secret Data (not readable; useful for encryption)
  • User Data (unsecured of 255 Byte, e.g. for configuration data)
  • Maintenance Period: all updates will run inside a certain date range.

What’s more, different license entries with the same Product Code can be combined.

Programming of the hardware

There are many attractive options for programming the CodeMeter hardware both within your company and at your customers’ location. CmDongles never have to be pre-programmed, but can be shipped “empty” to your customer and remotely programmed.

  • Automated via a command line tool
  • Integration with your sales database tools via License Central
  • Secure file-based Remote Programming
  • Integration of an e-commerce solution via License Central

You can use any and all of these options, too. For example you can transfer a single user license to a network license without swapping the CodeMeter hardware by simply adding a Network Counter.

The special benefits of CodeMeter

The user can employ the CodeMeter hardware for both a license manager and for storing sensitive data in a very secure way. There are many add-ons included for free.

The following add-ons are included for free:

  • CM Password Manager: secure and mobile storage of passwords, TAN lists and online accounts including an auto-fill function.
  • Steganos Safe Lite: a secure encrypted virtual drive on your hard disk with a maximum of 128 MByte. The drive can be opened only with the suitable CodeMeter hardware.
  • SecuriKey Lite: 2-factor authentication for the Windows login on Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

CmDongles are available with an integrated flash disk of 128 MByte up to 16 GByte, which works like a USB memory stick but with all the benefits of CodeMeter, too.

Do you want to test the e-commerce abilities of CodeMeter but don’t want the work of integrating it in your own online shop? Then the CodeMeter Alliance Partner program is for you. It offers you a cost-effective and flexible option. The CodeMeter shop offers you the well-priced possibility to outsource the handling of the e-commerce transactions, but with maximum CodeMeter security.

CodeMeter uses the existing Mass Storage Device driver, your customer doesn’t need administration rights and he can start a protected software directly from CD without installation.