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Software Protection

CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems provides maximum protection against software piracy.

The most advanced, secure anti-piracy solution in the world, CodeMeter creates and stores licenses either in a hardware device (CmDongle) or in software bound to individual PCs (CmAct). CodeMeter is the only system in the world to survive multiple public contests to crack it.CmStick/C is the world's smallest software protection device.

CmDongles are available as a small USB device, as well as a PC Card (CmCard/M, Cardbus, 32 Bit) and as a ExpressCard/34 (CmCard/E).

Additionally, the CmDongle can be used by many different software publishers at the same time. If your customer already has a CmDongle, you can use it as well – saving you time and money.

More than 1,000 licenses from more than 100 different manufacturers can be stored in a single CodeMeter device. Using time certificates allows you to profit from CodeMeter’s highest level of security for time limited licenses.

You have complete flexibility in your business models with CodeMeter, which supports concurrency, time-based licensing, pay per use, pay per feature, network licenses, and more.

When you need maximum protection and flexibility, CodeMeter is the only choice. Learn more about CodeMeter software anti-piracy here.

Software Protection

CmAct provides you with a purely software-based license management system for digital content including software applications.

CmAct is fully compatible CmDongles. The applications, protection tools and interfaces you are already using with CmDongles are also available with CmAct.

The CodeMeter architecture is such that all you have to do is select one option to enable CmAct licenses to work with your application. Now you can create a single distributable and protect it with software activations in low-risk markets and a hardware key in high-risk markets.

CmAct gives you all the same features, flexibility, and capabilities as CmDongle. The only difference is in the secure key storage.

Software Protection

WibuKey offers you a lower-cost solution for software protection and digital content that has been proven since 1989. It is available in different form factors for nearly all interfaces.

WibuKey allows you to use one and the same type of hardware for the protection of your single station licenses as well as your floating licenses within one network system. The secure feature Remote Programming (via exchange of files) allows you to change a single station solution to a network solution without exchanging the dongle. This saves you time and money.