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Full protection for your engineering expertise
In 2012, B&R teamed up with Wibu-Systems AG, one of the world's foremost software security and anti-piracy technology companies. “The security functions we have gained through this partnership are extremely beneficial to machine manufacturers and end users alike,” explains Hans Wimmer, managing director of B&R. Put simply, these functions will allow customers to protect the source code of their software in B&R Automation Studio while still being able to generate proprietary program code for use on control systems and industrial PCs.
Wibu-Systems supports the standardization committee through its membership to the OPC Foundation
In December 2012 Wibu-Systems AG joined the OPC Foundation as a new active member. This is part of the strategy meant at delivering added value to the automation industry through Wibu-Systems’ security solutions. The unique values that Wibu-Systems bring to the table are: product and IP protection, protection from tampering and reverse-engineering, as well as business enablement and logistic simplification by means of flexible licensing models based on function driven software modules.
Digital certificate chain of trust for top performance integrity protection of embedded systems
It is a fact that M2M is entering an unprecedented phase of interconnectivity, one where plants and equipment are not just fully automated but also controlled remotely over the Internet, from offsite locations or even via cloud computing. The incremental efficiency, the lower labor cost, the acquisition of competition advantage are clear and obvious to all. Just like any other technological revolution though, Industry 4.0 opens also up to new challenges that original equipment manufacturers need to get ready for.
Embedded Development Kit for CodeMeter Supporting VxWorks Delivers IP Protection, Tamper Protection and License Management for Emerson Network Power NITX-315 Motherboards
Wibu-Systems, an innovative security technology leader in the global market of lifecycle software licensing, has announced today the release of the Embedded Development Kit for CodeMeter© supporting VxWorks (EDK), which will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a unique solution out of the box jointly offering complete IP protection, secure boot and embedded license management.
Wibu-Systems announces customer-centric innovations in Software License Management
According to a recent Frost & Sullivan study, software monetization is the key concept enabling software development companies to thrive in today’s competitive environment and helps to ensure their relevancy into the future. The study also demonstrates that the creation and use of a secure, yet comprehensive license management solution is fundamental to success. The path to effective monetization begins with strategic planning in the earliest stages of the development process.
CoDeSys now available with CodeMeter for the protection of PLCs
The result of successful cooperation between software protection supplier Wibu-Systems AG and the supplier of CoDeSys for PLC application development, 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH, will be presented for the first time at the joint CoDeSys booth in hall 7-530 at the trade show SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 in Germany.
First Prize for Wibu-Systems at Security Award Baden-Wuerttemberg for preventing Product Piracy
The application of Wibu-Systems AG with its solution to protect know-how and prevent product piracy was well received by the judging panel at the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The first prize of the Security Award Baden-Wuerttemberg 2011 was presented to Wibu-Systems on March 24th, at the “eltefa” trade fair in Stuttgart. Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, received the sculpture “Security Award” together with the certificate by Beate Bube, President of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The solution Pro-Protect was a convincing winner as it demonstrated that companies could now for the first time simultaneously protect embedded machine software, related service documents and production data effectively. Pro-Protect supports companies to safeguard their revenues and know-how whilst sustaining their competitive edge.
Wibu-Systems develops Solutions for Cloud Computing: Project MimoSecco presented for the first time at CeBIT
Cloud computing as a new business model is to promote strong growth and innovation in the IT market. The basic idea of the model is to use services on-demand and to pay as-you-go. Customers require this model to be fit for practice while safeguarding their data in the company's data and business processes. Models can be outsourced to service providers or staff members, who require sensitive company data on mobile devices, smartphones, or in home offices. Since 2010, 'Middleware for Mobile and Secure Cloud Computing' (MimoSecco), a project of Wibu-Systems and its partners CAS Software AG, and the Institutes AIFB and EISS at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), has been developed as a flexible middleware solution for the cloud. The first results of the project are currently presented at CeBIT 2011, located at the booth of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in Hall 9, Booth B47. In addition, in another separate project called S4Cloud, Wibu-Systems and its partner Fraunhofer Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (ITWM) are developing a solution for software license management in the cloud.
CodeMeter with worldwide smallest software protection dongle
Wibu-Systems introduces the world’s smallest dongle at this year’s spring fairs: the CodeMeter CmStick/C. Fair visitors are able to experience the CmStick/C for protecting and licensing software at the Wibu-Systems booth at CeBIT in Hall 11 B 25 and at Embedded World in Hall 11 at the joint Microsoft booth 318. The entire CodeMeter technology is compacted into a thumbnail-sized hardware device.
First-time introduction 2011 at CeBIT and Embedded World: software protection CodeMeter with battery-backed clock
Frequently, software vendors require a secure time, for example, when specific computations or subscription calculations are at hand. For such cases, the hardware variants of CodeMeter software protection already have been equipped with an internal clock in the SmartCard chip. At this year’s CeBIT and Embedded World, Wibu-Systems presents the extended CodeMeter hardware CmStick/T; it combines the advantages of the existing mechanism based on time certificates and a battery-backed clock.
Chinese Hackers Fail to Crack CodeMeter’s Strong Security
Among the 138 Chinese software developers, students, professors, and other high-tech gurus who applied to crack Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter software protection system, no one was able to collect the $15,000 prize.
Season trade fairs 2010 with Wibu-Systems: software protection at the industry trade fairs Electronica and SPS/IPC/Drives
In November, Wibu-Systems, one of the leading vendors for software protection and license management, will present its CodeMeter software protection solution at the industry trade fairs Electronica in Munich and SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg with joint booths.
Wibu-Systems and 3S-Smart Software Solutions Join Forces to Combat PLC Software Piracy
Now the German companies Wibu-Systems of Karlsruhe and 3S-Smart Software Solutions of Kempten will jointly work to provide strong protection against piracy and reverse-engineering for PLC systems. Wibu-Systems’ award-winning CodeMeter software protection system will soon be available for CoDeSys customers
Wibu-Systems extends CodeMeter IP protection to Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system
Wibu-Systems announced today that CodeMeter, the world’s most secure platform for license management and anti-piracy, will support Wind River’s VxWorks
Successful fishing meets software protection: CodeMeter encrypts electronic log (eLogbook) on fishing quota - 2010-08-20
Wibu-Systems BV, located in the Netherlands, supports software vendors in the Benelux countries and markets software protection and license management solutions of Wibu-Systems AG located in Karlsruhe, Germany. The proven software protection solution CodeMeter was implemented by Wibu-Systems BV for the Dutch Fish Board both for licensing and the secure transfer of information on fishing activities. Starting this year, the electronic log (eLogbook) records and encrypts information on all fishing operations in the Netherlands and transmits it to the Dutch Fish Board based on the EC Regulation 1077/2008 which requires all masters of fishing vessels to keep a logbook. The Dutch Fish Board represents all groups in the fishery industry, ranging from ship-owner and fishermen, auctioneers, traders, and processors to the unions.
Flexibility and Security for new Business Models: S4Cloud extends CodeMeter Software Protection for Cloud Computing - 2010-03-15
In January, a survey of the high-tech association BITKOM identified Cloud Computing as the top IT trend in 2010: more and more companies will use external storage space, computing capacities, and single applications via the Internet to reduce costs and to benefit from new technologies. Thus software vendors which provide products in the cloud have vital interest in and make high demands on flexible and secure license management. Starting at March 2nd, the first day at the CeBIT, the Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (Industrial Mathematics) together with the software protection provider Wibu-Systems AG will jointly work in the new project S4Cloud. The objective is to launch a secure and innovative license management system to meet the special requirements of cloud computing, and in this process to extend the proven CodeMeter technology.
CodeMeter® Chalks up Another Win – May 8, 2009
During the Software Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) prestigious awards ceremony held this evening, Wibu-Systems was awarded the SIIA’s coveted CODiE award for the Best Digital Rights Management System. Wibu-Systems received the award for developing the CodeMeter System, known for securing software, documentation, media and controlling access to internet based applications.
Again: CodeMeter® Finalist in SIIA CODiE Awards 2009 – April 2, 2009
Wibu-Systems showed again its excellence in innovative leadership: For the 4th time, its flagship product CodeMeter was selected as one of five finalists in the SIIA CODiE Awards category: “Best Digital Rights Management Solution”.
Wibu-Systems® USA Announces CodeMeterAct – May 01, 2008
Wibu-Systems USA, Inc, a leading provider of information security solutions for software protection, license management and user authentication, will introduce CodeMeterAct at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco next week. CodeMeterAct expands the “hacker-tested” CodeMeter© hardware-based software protection system with a software-based alternative. With CodeMeterAct a customer can use protected software without the necessity of attaching hardware based USB CodeMeter sticks. Instead the license is locked to a specific computer system with a software key.
Wibu-Systems® USA Announces AxProtector for .NET – March 31, 2008
Wibu-Systems USA, Inc, a leading provider of information security solutions for software protection, license management and user authentication, will introduce AxProtector for .NET at the VSlive / Tech Mentor conference in San Francisco this week. Instead of traditional obfuscation techniques, AxProtector brings the power of AES encryption to the task of protecting .NET applications. AxProtector is a part of the highly acclaimed CodeMeter® System developed by Wibu-Systems as a response to 21st Century hacking tools and methods.
Wibu-Systems® USA Announces New Document Protection Tool – 2007-11-09
Wibu-Systems USA, Inc a leading provider of solutions designed to protect software, documents, media files and to control computer access, today announced a major enhancement to its SmartShelter® document protection system.
Wibu-Systems® USA to Conduct Seminar during SoftSummit – 2007-11-09
Wibu-Systems USA, Inc a leading provider of solutions designed to protect software, documents, media files and to control computer access, today announced its sponsorship of SoftSummit 2007, a conference dedicated to the strategies and best practices for software licensing, pricing as well as application packaging and license tracking.
Agilis Software and Wibu-Systems® USA: Partnering for Highly-Secure Software Licensing – 2007-05-08
Agilis Software and Wibu-Systems today announced a partnership under which Agilis’s Orion Network Licensing Platform and Wibu’s CodeMeter® software-locking hardware device combine to offer ISVs a single solution that includes Internet-based product activation, Internet or intranet-based floating licensing and highly secure time-limited and/or node-locked licensing for systems with limited or no network access, all with one API to integrate into the protected Java or C++ application. Agilis and Wibu will be demonstrating their solutions at booth #1505 at the JavaOne Conference this week in San Francisco.
CodeMeter® not cracked during International Hacker´s Contest – 2007-05-07
Wibu-Systems USA, Inc. announces to the JavaOne Attendees the results of the fourth International Hacker’s Contest, hosted by Wibu-Systems. The hackers’ task was to bypass or remove the software protection provided by CodeMeter, a solution developed by Wibu-Systems. The competition started on February 1, 0:00 CET and ended on March 14, 23:59 CET. In all, 1,092 contestants from 27 countries participated. Most of the participants were located in Germany, followed by contestants from China, the United States, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, France, Great Britain and the Ukraine.
New USB hardware at CeBIT 2007: steel-hard CodeMeter® Stick with a memory of 2 GByte
There are now even more varieties of the CodeMeter Dongle (CmDongle). Effective immediately, the CmDongle is available in the memory sizes of 1 and 2 GByte in a new stylish and stable metal case. These durable and sleek CmDongles will be presented at CeBIT 2007 in hall 7 booth A35 by the German Wibu-Systems AG, a leading manufacturer of hardware based protection solutions for software, documents, access and media. The robust security of the CmDongle can now be seen inside and out thanks to the new attractive and dependable design.
Wibu-Systems® USA Invites Mac Developers to its “Alliance Partner” Program – 2007-01-08
Wibu-Systems USA, Inc, a leading provider of information security solutions for software protection, license management and user authentication, announced today that it would offer a special invitation to Mac application developers to join its popular Alliance Partner Program. The invitation will initially be extended to developers who participate as exhibitors at MacWorld 07.
Wibu-Systems® USA Announces a $40,000 “Hackers Contest” – 2007-01-08
Wibu-Systems USA, Inc, a leading provider of information security solutions for software protection, license management and user authentication, announced today a challenge to the worldwide “hacker” community. A prize of $40,000 (Forty Thousand Dollars) will be awarded to the first contestant to provide proof they were able to successfully remove the company’s new CodeMeter® system from a protected application that will be provided to all registered contestants.