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Wibu-Systems and 3S-Smart Software Solutions Join Forces to Combat PLC Software Piracy

Platform independent software protection for embedded controller

SEATTLE, WA – (Oct 5, 2010) – Karlsruhe – Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are a specialized computer used in industrial settings as diverse as knitting machines, chemical plants, and robotic assembly lines. PLCs provide a programmable link between software and industrial equipment, replacing hard-wired relays that were difficult to modify. But along with progress comes crime: increasingly PLCs are carrying valuable software and intellectual property (IP) that is being pirated by criminal enterprises around the world. Now the German companies Wibu-Systems of Karlsruhe and 3S-Smart Software Solutions of Kempten will jointly work to provide strong protection against piracy and reverse-engineering for PLC systems. Wibu-Systems’ award-winning CodeMeter software protection system will soon be available for CoDeSys customers, the two companies announced today. The objective of the development agreement is to provide a standard tool for protection and licensing of PLC applications transparently deployed along the complete automation cycle.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems AG, said, “We have already extended our strong protection in CodeMeter to embedded systems running Windows and Linux. Now with our planned support for CoDeSys to protect PLC-based software new business models will open for many CoDeSys customers. Whether copy-protection, integrity assurance, IP security, or system availability; the ability to protect controllers without adversely affecting performance is critical.”

Dieter Hess, Managing Director founder of 3S-Smart Software Solutions said, “In the future, we at 3S-Smart Software Solutions will be able to provide the user with comprehensive protection for all applications developed with CoDeSys based on the sophisticated technology of Wibu-Systems; ranging from protection of applications and libraries on the target system to project file encryption, and using the dongle as a password substitute for authentication.”

3S-Smart Software Solution with their solution CoDeSys is a leading supplier of tools for professional PLC application development based on IEC 61131-3. CoDeSys is used by industry partners of most diverse branches: machine engineering, mobile applications, energy and systems engineering, control engineering, component and embedded systems engineering. Having the feedback of these industry companies helps both cooperation partners to shorten development cycles for market-ready components. When the development of the first components will be completed, further development will benefit from test experiences made by that industry partners.

CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems currently supports all common platforms spanning Windows Mobile, CE, Embedded, XP, 7, and Server to several Linux distributions, as well as Mac OS X and Sun Solaris. Up to 6,000 product licenses, from multiple software vendors, can be securely stored in the smart card chip with a variety of physical form factors, including USB, CF, SD, µSD, or ASIC. Alternatively, a pure software based activation uses an encrypted and signed license file.

New hardware of CodeMeter technology protects industry PCs and meets industrial requirements

New hardware of CodeMeter technology protects industry PCs and meets industrial requirements.

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Wibu-Systems AG, a private company, was founded in 1989 in Karlsruhe, Germany by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit, with the aim of developing easy to use and effective, software, document and media protection systems. The company is known today as one of the most advanced software protection developers and suppliers in the whole world. The company is also known for its innovative approach to network license management and Internet information security solutions.

Wibu-Systems also maintains offices in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands and Mainland China as well as a worldwide network of local distributors.

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