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Flexibility and Security for new Business Models: S4Cloud extends CodeMeter Software Protection for Cloud Computing

Research extends modern CodeMeter Software Protection: Wibu-Systems and Fraunhofer ITWM develop new License Management Technology

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY – (Oct 5, 2010) – In January, a survey of the high-tech association BITKOM identified Cloud Computing as the top IT trend in 2010: more and more companies will use external storage space, computing capacities, and single applications via the Internet to reduce costs and to benefit from new technologies. Thus software vendors which provide products in the cloud have vital interest in and make high demands on flexible and secure license management. Starting at March 2nd, the first day at the CeBIT, the Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (Industrial Mathematics) together with the software protection provider Wibu-Systems AG will jointly work in the new project S4Cloud. The objective is to launch a secure and innovative license management system to meet the special requirements of cloud computing, and in this process to extend the proven CodeMeter technology.

S4Cloud focuses the competences of both research partners. The Fraunhofer ITWM already developed the patented process “GenLM” for license management in grid and cloud computing which will be advanced by a especially secure procedure: in future, “GenLM” is to create keys and license parameters optionally at the user’s side using an attack-proof hardware token. CodeMeter by Wibu-Systems is already an established hardware and activation-based solution used by software vendors protecting and licensing software. In “GenLM” a resources ticket is calculated from the input data. This ticket will be converted to a data-dependent CodeMeter right to use. This allows to bind the usage rights for a software to the input data of a user. At the same time, the software-based solution CodeMeterAct will be extended to work in virtual system environments. As soon as the cloud properties are implemented, the CodeMeter protected software runs flexible and secure in the cloud.

In a first step, software vendors are able to protect and market their products running on any PC in the cloud: secure and meeting diverse business models. The user’s advantage: pay-per-use of the latest version. In a second step, S4Cloud will turn to data protection to prevent potential misuse by the cloud provider.

Explains Oliver Winzenried, founder and C.E.O. of Wibu-Systems AG: "The cooperation allows us to combine the patented technologies: GenLM of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and CodeMeter of Wibu-Systems. It is planned to provide products as soon as 2011. Vendors will be able to provide their software in a cloud version without losing control over their software and suspecting know-how drainage. For the user this means scalable and fair use of the software. This way, we initiate the development of an integrated licensing and protection solution for digital products. Systemindependent protection ranging from mobile phones and embedded systems, desktop PCs and server to the cloud. Of particular importance to me is that S4Cloud provides security and the maximum possible flexibility to the vendor in implementing diverse business models."

Says Mathias Dalheimer, Project Manager at Fraunhofer ITWM: "The flexible integration into the business processes of software vendors is a key element of the new technology,“ and continues, "existing business models are preserved. At the same time, software vendors are also able to provide pay-per-use models to their customers. Moreover, the technology is independent of the cloud computing platform used – there exist no dependencies on middleware. This considerably eases the software operation."

Cloud computing architecture from Wibu-Systems

S4Cloud provides secure and innovative license management meeting the special requirements of cloud computing: for the first time, the GenLM procedure and the CodeMeter software protection solution are integrated in a joint project.

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