Wibu-Systems USA

New USB hardware at CeBIT 2007: steel-hard CodeMeter® Stick with a memory of 2 GByte

Karlsruhe - There are now even more varieties of the CodeMeter Dongle (CmDongle). Effective immediately, the CmDongle is available in the memory sizes of 1 and 2 GByte in a new stylish and stable metal case. These durable and sleek CmDongles will be presented at CeBIT 2007 in hall 7 booth A35 by the German Wibu-Systems AG, a leading manufacturer of hardware based protection solutions for software, documents, access and media. The robust security of the CmDongle can now be seen inside and out thanks to the new attractive and dependable design.

Only 6 cm length and 1.5 cm width, the CmDongle combines a mobile flash disk with a memory size of 1 or 2 GByte and a smart card ship for security relevant data. It includes user-friendly license management for more than 1,000 products of different vendors and personal security functions like password manager, virtual encrypted drive and secure login. It is unique to have this variety of functions integrated in one single USB device.

The metal case offers a new level of reliability and stability. The material is environment friendly, RoHS conform and recyclable. It offers enhanced heat dissipation and EMC data.

Oliver Winzenried, C.E.O. of the Wibu-Systems AG, adds: “At the beginning we developed our CodeMeter Stick in a plastic case whose design already has been awarded several times. The new metal case is made by a complex metal injection method for keeping the well-known design. The look and feel is strong and fits for first-class products. The design enables a lot of tolerance. The laser engraving is highly flexible, adoptable and guarantees durable marking.”