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Wibu-Systems® USA Invites Mac Developers to its “Alliance Partner” Program

Software Developers who accept this special invitation will have over $5,500 in partnership fees waived.

SEATTLE, WA — (January 8, 2007) — Wibu-Systems USA, Inc, a leading provider of information security solutions for software protection, license management and user authentication, announced today that it would offer a special invitation to Mac application developers to join its popular Alliance Partner Program. The invitation will initially be extended to developers who participate as exhibitors at MacWorld 07.

“MacWorld attracts the cream of the crop” said Marcellus Buchheit, President, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems. “The most successful Mac developers in the world will be showing off their wares at this premier event held for friends of the Macintosh community. We want to reward them for their loyalty to this platform.”

Software developers who exhibit at MacWorld generally want to increase sales and Wibu-Systems wants more software titles to market through its secure software sales portal. The Alliance Partner Program was designed to meet both goals. A software developer who is admitted into the program will get to place copy protected titles at Wibu-Systems’s CodeMeter® portal, (http://www.codemeter.com). Wibu-Systems utilizes the power of its new CodeMeter protection system to provide the anti-piracy, security features of this portal.

A few lucky developers who respond to this special invitation will have the Alliance Partner fee waived, saving them up to $5,500 in hard costs. Further, Wibu-Systems will provide the manpower to add the CodeMeter protection to the developer’s titles free of consultation charges.

CodeMeter’s Powerful Features Explained

Whether the goal is to protect highly proprietary applications or to increase marketing channels, the CodeMeter System brings powerful encryption technologies to hardware based copy protection systems. Yet, the system is so simple to implement that a software developer can protect an application utilizing the new AxProtector tool in less than one hour.

The CodeMeter System will bring considerable savings in the form of reduced support line calls to software developers who implement the system. Consider the circumstance when the user purchases a new computer. The user can simply transfer the software license by plugging the CM-Stick into the new computer. No more hours with tech support, explaining that a new computer was purchased or a new hard drive was installed and the user should be entitled to another activation code.

The CodeMeter System works with Windows XP, Vista, Win32, Win64, Linux, UNIX, and all versions of Mac OS X.

CodeMeter Offers Advantages for End-Users

An important advantage of the CodeMeter System for the end-user is the mobility of the software license. The license is no longer tied to a single computer. Rather it is bound to the CodeMeter USB device (it is called a CM-Stick). If the user wants to use the license at work in the daytime and at his PowerBook at home in the evenings; no problem – simply take the CM-Stick and plug it into the computer that will be worked on.

The user has the further benefit of using the CM-Stick as a personal “security suite,” bringing computer access control in the form of two-factor authentication, file or document encryption, portable password management and secure flash drive storage as additional built in features.

About Wibu-Systems AG (Located in Germany)

Wibu-Systems AG, a private company, was founded in 1989 in Karlsruhe, Germany by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit, with the aim of developing easy to use and effective, software, document and media protection systems. The company is known today as one of the most advanced software protection developers and suppliers in the whole world. The company is also known for its innovative approach to network license management and Internet information security solutions.

Wibu-Systems also maintains offices in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands and Mainland China as well as a worldwide network of local distributors.

Website: http://www.wibu.com

Contact: email info@wibu.com, phone: +49.721.93172.0, fax: +49.721.93172.22

About Wibu-Systems USA, Inc.

Wibu-Systems USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wibu-Systems AG, located in Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle and is the exclusive reseller of Wibu-Systems products for the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Website: http://www.wibu.us

Contact: email info@wibu.us, phone: +1.800.6.Go.Wibu(+1.800.646.9428), fax: +1.206.237-2644

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