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Your Complete License Protection, Software Protection and Copy Protection Solution

Whether you are searching for a license protection, software protection, or copy protection solution for your software or you simply require a system to restrict website access, Wibu-Systems has the perfect solution for you.

Software protection

Software Protection

Protect your software easily and securely against piracy, anti reverse engineering, and tampering.

Document protection

Software License Management

Create and manage licenses to handle a variety of ways to sell or lease your software.

  • Integrates with e-commerce and ERP
  • Full license flexibility
  • Network and virtual system licensing

Our Technologies


Your secure software protection system for thousands of licenses



Software activation with complete flexibility and protection via machine binding



Secure encryption with ASIC and many supported interfaces


Who are we?

Wibu-Systems has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling the world’s most secure platform for license management and anti-piracy.

What do we offer ISVs?

The patented CodeMeter technology provides ISVs a full suite of tools for creating and managing licenses for desktop, SaaS, and cloud-based applications. CodeMeter protects both software and websites against piracy, tampering, and reverse engineering with both hardware and software solutions.

ISVs can use software protection for low-risk markets with a hardware solution for high-risk markets, all without any need to modify the source files.

Is CodeMeter really secure?

Yes, CodeMeter is the only anti-piracy solution that has survived multiple hackers’ contests. CodeMeter is architected from the ground up to be resistant against all kinds of attacks, include man-in-the-middle, record and playback, differential power analysis, and more.

What is CodeMeter?

CodeMeter – a single architecture for protecting and licensing software. Your choice of hardware or software for key storage. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more.

CmDongle — Wibu-Systems’ hardware device:

  • uses an on-board smart card chip
  • can have up to 16 GB flash memory
  • can hold 1000 licenses
  • requires no device driver, eliminating many of the support problems with traditional security devices
  • uses AES and ECC encryption
  • blocks debuggers and disassembly tools
  • prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.

View the full lineup of CmDongles.

CmAct: a fully-featured implementation of CodeMeter without the need for a dongle.

CmAct is a software implementation of CmDongle, binding each license to a particular PC. Breakthrough technology now dramatically reduces or eliminates needless re-activations due to small hardware changes on the user's machine.

CodeMeter License Central

A complete software license management system that enables ISVs to choose multiple ways to create trial versions of their product, as well as easily create innovative pricing schemes on different license types including:

  • pay-per-user
  • network access/floating licenses
  • pay-per-function
  • pay-per-use
  • subscription
  • maintenance period/maintenance contract.

CodeMeter’s License Central works for SaaS websites, client applications, and cloud-based deployments. Delivered as a rich set of web services, it allows for easy integration into ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and back office systems, as well as providing in-application activation.